DR Congo

While the majority of Lady Lori's flying in the DRC is in support of prospectors searching for minerals and other commercial exploration, the sometimes volatile country is actually rich is travel opportunity - but accommodation is sparse and planning needs to be a very carefully considered dialogue between this business and the client.

The Congo River

The Congo River system is the second longest in Africa, and the Congle jungle that surrounds it is one of the largest rainforests in the world, second in size only to the great Amazon rainforest. Its rippling, flowing waters and tributaries are teaming with a rich variety of plant, animal and bird life – and offer an unforgettable return on the investment necessary to access this amazing habitat.

Mount Nyiragongo

A sloping volcano in the Virunga Mountains, Mount Nyiragongo stands tall within the Virunga National Park near the picturesque Lake Kivu. Inside its gaping 2-kilometre wide crater flows a glowing lava lake – a dramatic, unforgettable sight from the sky or the volcano rim.

Virunga National Park

Visit Africa’s first ever National Park which was established as early as 1925 and which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. From its marshlands to the grassland plateau, plains, active volcanoes and alpine meadows, Virunga is a place of outstanding natural brilliance – and maybe still the final habitat of the Northern White Rhino (which while considered to likely be extinct, may well still exist within the vast confines of the park).

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