Good Causes

Lady Lori is a business that is proud of its strong ethical principles - principles that are built upon foundations of a deep love of the history, culture and the natural resources that define Kenya, an appreciation of our sense of place in East Africa and, also, the issues, the problems and the opportunities for the continent as a whole.


As a manifestation of a genuine and deeply felt commitment to the stability and development of our country, and via its CEO Ian Mimano, his fellow shareholders of the business, and the whole team who work to make Lady Lori such a special business, we all maintain an active interest in the broad platform of good causes projects that together do much to move Africa forwards and improve the circumstances of its many and varied peoples.

Wherever possible we will do what we can to support projects that we believe worthy – whether that be projects in the arts, conservation and the environment, or the many pressing humanitarian issues that are especially evident at this point in time.

This year alone, Lady Lori has contributed to the UK’s annual ARK Foundation auction/dinner fund-raising event (where monies raised are directed towards educational projects for children all across Africa) and also the launch of The GREAT Initiative, a project to raise awareness of issues of gender imbalance or gender inequality throughout Africa. Both the education of Africa’s youth, and the role that women are able to assume – and the inevitable positive benefits of such – all across the continent are issues that we care about very much indeed.

Of course, many of Lady Lori’s clients come to Africa to experience it’s fabulous natural assets; its wildlife and its equally impressive flora and beautiful or dramatic landscapes – to which end, we are also especially committed to assisting the development of conservation and wildlife habitat preservation projects close to our home base in Keny

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