Wildlife Management

Without doubt, Africa's wildlife is one of its most striking natural resources and the most desired experience for the millions of tourists visiting the continent each year. At Lady Lori, we appreciate the value of this asset and work with wildlife authorities to contribute towards the widest range of wildlife management issues.


Whether it be an involvement in the preservation of critically compromised habitats for wildlife, carrying out census operations, helping with animal translocation, attaching satellite tracking collars to monitor elephants in a game park, or providing a stable platform from which to dart a rhino, the exceptional flying skills of Lady Lori’s pilots means that we can conjtribute to the realisation of all this and more. We have all the experience and know-how to deliver our critical skills safely, and economically, and with our in-depth knowledge of regional aerology, we are able to work with the relevant authorities within the wholly necessary stringent requirements of this particular area of expertise.

More and more often, we find that Lady Lori clients wish to donate their own helicopter time to contributing towards both wildlife management and conservation initiatives and this not only benefits these programmes, but can also provide access to activities that would otherwise be altogether separate to any tourist’s travel experience – for example, if Lady Lori client wishes to underwrite the costs of helicopters needed for an elephant darting programme that the relevant wildlife management authority or conservation charity doesn’t have the funds for itself, then it will be altogether feasible – in fact likely – that the generous benefactor will get to fly on the charter too, and find themselves closer to these magnificent beasts than they could ever have possibly imagined.

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