Unparalleled Expertise & Access

Lady Lori CEO Ian Mimano - an unreservedly proud Kenyan - and his multi-cultural team are always on hand to share their expert knowledge; both of their own breathtaking country and their extensive travels within wider East Africa. An enthusiasm and passion that Lady Lori's clients find altogether inspiring.


We recognise and appreciate our role in ensuring that all of our clients gain memories that will last a lifetime.

We’re just as serious about our passion for our country as you will be about your own adventure – and with Lady Lori we’ll help you to you’ll take trips to profoundly beautiful often inaccessible places, or otherwise little-known locations, and experience some of the most incredible wildernesses imaginable.

At Lady Lori, we know that a genuinely memorable travel experience isn’t one where you just get to see, it’s when you get involved too – it’s where you will genuinely experience Africa first hand – and to this end, Lady Lori can help you meet and interact with both the many tribes on the ground, but also many of the great Kenya/East Africa personalities too.

It’s all of this that sets us apart.

You’ll discover everything this part of Africa has to offer, by helicopter, aeroplane – or even hot air balloon. This is an African adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime – and just as importantly, with Lady Lori, you’re in safe and professional hands.

We can take you further, higher and closer to Africa’s most stunning sights – from the peaks of Mount Kenya to the highland plateaus and the savannahs of the Masai Mara to the beautiful coastline of the Indian Ocean. Then, at the end of everyday, Lady Lori’s experienced and reliable pilots can recommend and arrange exclusive places for you to stay and pilot you to the very best of the most luxurious and private destinations available.

…and unlike most air transport service providers, we are extremely flexible and can plan any trip entirely around you.

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