Aerial Survey


LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a new airborne laser scanning service available through Lady Lori. Accurate, high resolution 3D data is captured using special sensors, from the air – it results in a set of “dots” suspended in a 3-dimensional space. These dots can be displayed in special software or converted into a 3D mesh for use in many modern 3D software packages. The results are accurate and reliable surveys that can be done faster and with higher density than conventional surveys.

LiDAR is ideal when very high accuracy height measurements are required and is very cost effective for the amount of data generated. Airborne LiDAR is becoming more and more popular as a source of terrain mapping.

LiDAR technology uses light sensors to measure the distance between the sensor and the target object – from our AS350 ‘Squirrel’ helicopter this includes objects such as the ground, buildings and vegetation. With the latest technology it is also possible to obtain colour values of the scanned surface to create an automatically texturerd model.

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