Filming & News-gathering

All our aircraft can be re-configured to support a whole range of technical equipment and accessories – from mountings to harnesses.


The aerial view offered from a helicopter is an ideal way to assess a situation and gather news or information, whether it’s filming the great Wildebeest migration or carrying out an animal count – and two of our Eurocopter Squirrels come with sliding doors on both sides, plus fittings for Cineflex cameras, rendering us the ideal partner for all types of film and media projects.

…and when immediacy is everything, there’s no better solution than a Lady Lori helicopter – we’re point-to-point (ensuring that there’s no need to have transport waiting on some bush airstrip to take you across often impenetrable countryside to wherever it is that you need to be), and when we get you to be where you need to be, we can hover and point ourselves from whatever direction offers the best light or filming or photography options, rather than having to make repeated passes in an attempt to achieve the scene or image that you need.

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