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At Lady Lori, we fully appreciate our client’s often substantial investment towards taking ownership of the experience of a lifetime, and also the many and varied wonderful natural assets that this country has to offer – and we shall always work tirelessly to introduce them to the perfect marriage of the fantasy, and the reality.

Even though Lady Lori is in business to provide an exemplary service, we see ourselves – and our clients seem to see us too – as a critical partner in achieving the quality of access, luxury, safety and sensation that it is they aspire to experience.

Lady Lori appreciates that confidence and professionalism, while all too easily taken for granted, can only be achieved when years of ever increasing local knowledge can be brought into play on our clients behalf, let alone the equally valuable contribution of personality.

…and this is why, today, Lady Lori has relationships with clients that have flown with us many times and, every year, new clients that join us on the altogether reliable recommendations of those who have flown with us before.

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