With regards to the environment, being aware of what one has - and working to protect it - is, I am pleased to say, increasingly a given. However, conservation is a far broader challenge than that; these days it's as much about education, and also the restoration of assets and environments degrading by misuse in less enlightened times.


At Lady Lori, we make available our resources both commercially and altruistically to actively engage with this critical challenge. In recent years, Lady Lori’s shareholders have been instrumental in the instigation of the Mau Forest Complex reforestry programme and remain committed to this project and other similar projects involved in the reforestation of water catchment areas.

Likewise, the shareholders in partnership with the Loisaba Community Trust donate considerable resources every year towards providing educational opportunities to both Loisaba’s local Maasai and Samburu tribes. We underwrite the costs of teachers, classrooms, housing for students and the nursing staff for the community’s clinics. We also fund specific educational programmes focused towards the practicalities of sustainable agriculture.

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