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As a government preferred service provider, quality management systems are high. Because of our pilots’ experience, our state-of-the-art fleet and equipment, and exacting approach to maintenance, our helicopters and aircraft can be quickly re-configured to suit a variety of uses – from corporate VIP transport to search and rescue.


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VIP & Corporate Transport

What better way to arrive at an important business meeting – or perhaps even just go out to lunch – than by helicopter?

Not only will Lady Lori provide luxury and unbranded transport for a suitably grand entrance – it’s one of the fastest, most efficient and exclusive ways to travel across East and Central Africa. Which means you and your team will arrive relaxed, refreshed, motivated, and prepared for business.

Moreover, Lady Lori appreciates the importance of both privacy and security and it is this understanding and empathy with our corporate and commercial client’s needs that renders us the preferred service provider in this part of the world.

Filming & News-gathering

The aerial view offered from a helicopter is an ideal way to assess a situation and gather news or information, whether it’s filming the great Wildebeest migration or carrying out an animal count – and two of our Eurocopter Squirrels come with sliding doors on both sides, plus fittings for Cineflex cameras, rendering us the ideal partner for all types of film and media projects.

…and when immediacy is everything, there’s no better solution than a Lady Lori helicopter – we’re point-to-point (ensuring that there’s no need to have transport waiting on some bush airstrip to take you across often impenetrable countryside to wherever it is that you need to be), and when we get you to be where you need to be, we can hover and point ourselves from whatever direction offers the best light or filming or photography options, rather than having to make repeated passes in an attempt to achieve the scene or image that you need.

Sling Load Operations

With their exceptional performance, our Squirrel helicopters offer a dependable way to carry out sling work in both extreme temperatures and at high altitudes. What’s more, installing equipment into challenging environments via this option often proves to be the most cost-effective and practical method of delivery.

The Squirrel’s strength also renders this aircraft equally ideally designed for aerial fire-fighting and Lady Lori has pilots within its team trained, experienced and with the proven skills necessary to take on this demanding and mission critical work.

Medical Evacuation

Lady Lori’s helicopters can reach even the most inaccessible areas and, when timing means everything, we can be on the scene of an incident incredibly quickly.

We work seamlessly with local government, law enforcement agencies, and a broad mix of African and international NGOs to support their operations, saving lives as a result. In addition, Lady Lori is under contract to provide air ambulance service for a number of flying doctors and other health service providers – so, whether you’re a climber in distress on Mt Kilmanjaro, or victims of a major human catastrophe, it’s likely that Lady Lori hovering in the skies above will be the most welcome sight imaginable.

Search & Rescue

Our pilots are regularly called out on search and rescue missions across the region, dedicating absolute commitment and professionalism to the job in hand regardless of the often critical – and stressful – nature of such situations.

Even from the lower altitudes that helicopters are able to offer, spotting a missing person lost in these vast wildernesses, from the air, while travelling at speed, is itself a unique skill, and Lady Lori’s pilots, with untold hours flying time, have developed a proven ability to discern whatever it is – whoever it is – that we might be searching for from the often continuous camouflage of their surroundings.

Travel & Tourism

At Lady Lori, we fully appreciate our client’s often substantial investment towards taking ownership of the experience of a lifetime, and also the many and varied wonderful natural assets that this country has to offer – and we shall always work tirelessly to introduce them to the perfect marriage of the fantasy, and the reality.

Even though Lady Lori is in business to provide an exemplary service, we see ourselves – and our clients seem to see us too – as a critical partner in achieving the quality of access, luxury, safety and sensation that it is they aspire to experience.

Lady Lori appreciates that confidence and professionalism, while all too easily taken for granted, can only be achieved when years of ever increasing local knowledge can be brought into play on our clients behalf, let alone the equally valuable contribution of personality.

…and this is why, today, Lady Lori has relationships with clients that have flown with us many times and, every year, new clients that join us on the altogether reliable recommendations of those who have flown with us before.



Lady Lori is increasingly called upon to enable the creation of fully-featured luxury tented camps within the country’s interior, ahead of the arrival of an operator’s clients.

Sometimes, for those desiring the most authentic safari experience imaginable, these camps may need to be moved many times during the course of a clients time in country – and for situations such as this, Lady Lori’s pilots and helicopters are up to the challenge of the almost constant to-and-fro needed to ensure that (no matter how hectic scheduling might be behind the scenes), the client’s own experience will be nothing other than sublime.

Aerial Survey

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a new airborne laser scanning service available through Lady Lori. Accurate, high resolution 3D data is captured using special sensors, from the air – it results in a set of “dots” suspended in a 3-dimensional space. These dots can be displayed in special software or converted into a 3D mesh for use in many modern 3D software packages. The results are accurate and reliable surveys that can be done faster and with higher density than conventional surveys.

LiDAR is ideal when very high accuracy height measurements are required and is very cost effective for the amount of data generated. Airborne LiDAR is becoming more and more popular as a source of terrain mapping.

LiDAR technology uses light sensors to measure the distance between the sensor and the target object – from our AS350 ‘Squirrel’ helicopter this includes objects such as the ground, buildings and vegetation. With the latest technology it is also possible to obtain colour values of the scanned surface to create an automatically texturerd model.

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