Ethical Employment

Growing a business that boasts best-in-class helicopters, fixed wing support, and even a hot air balloon, is but a reflection of the ongoing contribution of Lady Lori's team - and whether it's pilots from Africa or the Commonwealth, or guides from our deep wildernesses, we are committed to the ethics of sustainable employment.


It is essential that Lady Lori employs a team of pilots with experience of flying such a diverse mix of craft. But the need to flexibly schedule private tourist charters alongside commercial or government contracts further demands the most comprehensive roster of skills. Whether it be the ability to provide an unparalleled familiarity with the geography of East Africa alongside a knowledge of the history of the region, or experience of unusually demanding flight skills for commercial contracts or emergency relief missions, Lady Lori has made a significant investment towards the skills and ongoing development of its pilots.

While Lady Lori comprises a mix of both African and Commonwealth pilots with quite literally thousands of hours flying time in its fleet, the business is firmly committed to a programme of employment that is both ethical and sustainable. Its administrative and support staff are, wherever possible, employed locally and there is substantial investment towards the training and continuing professional development of all its employees. This has now resulted in full ISO accreditation. Lady Lori’s reputation as a quality employer now means that we are constantly receiving applications for positions or placements from across the world.

This policy of involvement and opportunity is not just evident at Lady Lori’s headquarters and hangers at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, the business has embedded guides all across East Africa on whom we are able to rely to make our clients experience of the countries we operate in truly memorable, and through which we extend our reach and our contribution to the communities on the ground.

When we prosper, our employees and our partners prosper too, and the resource we have available to those who choose to fly with us becomes ever more the defining part of their African adventure.

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