Vision, Mission and Core Values


Mission Statement: Lady Lori Kenya Limited is dedicated to the highest quality of customer service, delivered with reliability, individual pride and Company spirit.

Vision Statement: To be this region’s most admired air transport provider through world class people, equipment and service.


Grow our market presence through our world class solutions and products.
Expand beyond transport, engineering services and training.
Expand local, regional and international business by broadening focus and expanding growth markets.
Continue to be a customer focused company based on performance relationship and solutions.


Be regarded as a customer focused company.
Grow revenue faster than the market. Build on good performance in improving cash flow well executed and with predictability.
Retain and attract world-class talent whilst providing opportunities for employee development. Treat all employees with respect.
Productivity. Take Lady Lori to the next level further engaging customers.


Treat people with respect and dignity.
Welcome diversity and diverse opinions.
Help our fellow employees improve their skills.
Recognise and reward accomplishment.
Foster team work and collaboration.


Be honest forthright and trustworthy, each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour in all aspects of work.
Respect ethics, law and regulation.


Fulfill our commitment as responsible citizens and employees.
Treat customers and company resources with the respect they deserve.
Accept personal responsibility to meet commitments. Be accountable.


Improve performance continually.
Stress quality, productivity, growth, best practices and measurement.
Always strive to be the best.

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